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Google has its own app for dialing that was initially only out on its Nexus phones. But now, everything has changed. Thanks to the fact that other companies are much more open with their own customization features like dialers and such, Google has now released its own dialer app for the rest of us to use on any smartphone.

Google Phone is a dialer app that lets you access your contact lists when calling or receiving calls with all the elegance and style of standard Material Design. It's distribution and access to each component is very hard to top in this field, making for a useful and good looking tool that's nearly impossible to beat.

Among this app's many virtues is that it lets you use caller ID from Google's own phone directory, that way, when you receive a call, you'll automatically know who they are as long as their number is on Google. For example, if a business or small company is calling you, and their number is in Google's directory, you'll know who they are. It's also easy to block calls that you don't want to get. Checking your voice mail is much simpler, and you'll automatically be able to access nearby places and their contact information when searching for a specific service.
By Álvaro Toledo
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You MUST have Android Marshmallow on your smartphone for this to run properly.